Organic Chemistry

Chemical Biology

Molecular Mechanisms of Action, Design and Syntheses of Bioactive Small-Molecules • Neurodegenerative Diseases • Proteomics • Bioorganic Chemistry • Natural Product Bio- synthesis and Discovery • Cell Adhesion

Farha, Gianneschi, Kelleher, Mrksich, Nguyen, Scheidt, Silverman, Stupp, Thomson

Organic Nanotechnology & Materials

Supramolecular Chemistry • Mechanostereochemistry • Molecular Recognition • Self-Assembly • Functionalized and Mechanized Molecules • Metal-Organic Frameworks and Porous Organic Materials • Artificial Photosynthesis

Dichtel, Kalow, Mrksich, Nguyen, Stoddart, Stupp, Wasielewski

Physical Organic Chemistry

Electron Donor–Acceptor Systems • Photochemistry • Molecular Electronics • Surface Chemistry of Graphene and Polymer Nanocomposites • Self-Assembled Monolayers • Mass Spectrometry

Dichtel, Kalow, Nguyen, Wasielewski

Total Synthesis & Method Development

Natural Product Synthesis • Alkaloids • Polyketides • Polycyclic Molecules • Organocatalysis • Asymmetric Catalysis • Organometallic Chemistry • Polymers • New Reaction Discovery and Development

Dichtel, Kalow, Marks, Nguyen, Scheidt, Thomson