Inorganic-Organic Materials

Porous materials • solar energy • catalysis • magnetism • chemical sensors • alternative energy appliances • gas storage and separation • theory collaborations • molecular sieving membranes

Farha, Gianneschi, Hupp, Marks, Mirkin, Nguyen


Diagnostics • therapeutics • photovoltaics • catalysis • patterning • electronic structure • synthesis • magnetic separation • magnetic resonance imaging • synthetically programmable lattices

Dichtel, Farha, Gianneschi, Kanatzidis, Marks, Meade, Mirkin, Odom

Solid-State Materials

Synthetic technique development • electronic structure • theory-inspired research • solar energy • gamma ray detectors • thermoelectrics, superconductors • magnetic materials • batteries • nanostructuring • exploratory synthesis • transparent conducting oxides

Dichtel, Freedman, Kanatzidis, Poeppelmeier

Organic Nanotechnology & Materials

Supramolecular Chemistry • Mechanostereochemistry • Molecular Recognition • Self-Assembly • Functionalized and Mechanized Molecules • Metal-Organic Frameworks and Porous Organic Materials • Artificial Photosynthesis

Dichtel, Kalow, Mrksich, Nguyen, Stoddart, Stupp, Wasielewski

Physical Nanotechnology & Materials

Synthesis of metal, semiconductor, and organic nanostructures, including quantum dots, plasmonic nanoparticles, carbon nanotubes, graphene, and self-assembled biomolecules • Development of new photonic and energy conversion materials; non-equilibrium (stimuli-responsive) materials • Molecular electronics, excited state dynamics of photoactive nanostructures

Chen, Geiger, Odom, Schaller, Stair, Weiss