Research Faculty

Yuri Berlin | Research Professor; Ratner Group

Yuri Berlin

Reiner Bleher | Research Assistant Professor; O'Halloran Group

Reiner Bleher

Dick Co | Research Associate Professor; ANSER Center

Dick Co

Phillip Compton | Research Associate Professor; Kelleher Group

Phillip Compton

Peter Doan | Research Associate Professor; Hoffman Group

Peter Doan

Habibi Goudarzi | Research Assistant Professor, Mass Spectrometry

Habibi Goudarzi

Jack Henkin | Research Assistant Professor; Center for Developmental Therapeutics Chemistry

Jack Henkin

Anne-Isabelle Henry | Research Assistant Professor; Van Duyne Group

Anne-Isabelle Henry

Kevin Kohlstedt | Research Assistant Professor; Schatz Group

Kevin Kohlstedt

Tracy L. Lohr | Research Assistant Professor; Marks Group

Tracy L. Lohr

Ferdinand S. Melkonyan | Research Assistant Professor; Marks Group

Ferdinand S. Melkonyan

Andrew Ott | Research Associate Professor; Director, Integrated Molecular Structure Education and Research Center (IMSERC)

Andrew Ott

Liam Palmer | Research Associate Professor; Director of Research at the Simpson Querrey Institute for BioNanotechnology; Stupp Group

Liam Palmer

Sarah Hurst Petrosko | Research Assistant Professor; International Institute for Nanotechnology; Mirkin Group

Sarah Hurst Petrosko

Ramakrishna Sesha Shankar | Research Associate Professor; Seideman Research Group

Ramakrishna Sesha Shankar

Konstantinos Stoumpos | Research Assistant Professor

Konstantinos Stoumpos

Yi-Lin Wu | Research Assistant Professor; ANSER Center

Yi-Lin Wu

Ryan Young | Research Assistant Professor; ANSER Center

Ryan Young