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Centers and Institutes

These centers and institutes are affiliated with the Department of Chemistry.  


Argonne-Northwestern Solar Energy Research Center

Director: Michael R. Wasielewski

Center Contact: 847-467-4910

Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

Director: Chad A. Mirkin

Center Contact: 847-467-2530


Center for Catalysis and Surface Science

Director: Kenneth Poeppelmeier

Center Contact: 847-491-4354


Center of Excellence for Advanced Bioprogrammable Nanomaterials (C-ABN)

Director: Chad A. Mirkin



Chemistry for Life Processes Institute (CLP)

Director: Thomas V. O'Halloran

Center Contact: 847-467-0965


Center for Molecular Innovation and Drug Discovery

Co-Directors: Raymond Bergan & Karl Scheidt

Center Contact: 847-491-6659


International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN)

Director: Chad A. Mirkin

Center Contact: 847-491-5784

Institute for Sustainability and Energy at Northwestern

Director: Michael R. Wasielewski

Center Contact: 847-467-1972


Materials Research Science and Engineering Center

Director: Mark Hersam

Center Contact: 847-491-3606


NTU-Northwestern Institute for Nanomedicine (NNIN)

Director: Chad A. Mirkin

 Center Contact: 847-491-5784

Simpson Querrey Institute for Bionanotechnology

Director: Samuel I. Stupp

Center Contact: 312-503-0807  


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