Biological Chemistry

Bioinorganic Chemistry

Electronic structure • elucidating bio-functionality • crystallography • diagnostics • therapeutics • bio-programmable materials • synthesis • metalloenzyme structure and function • model complexes • spectroscopy • biological proton transfer

Hoffman, Meade, Mirkin, O'Halloran, Rosenzweig

Bioorganic Chemistry

Molecular Mechanisms of Action, Design and Syntheses of Bioactive Small-Molecules • Neurodegenerative Diseases • Proteomics • Bioorganic Chemistry • Natural Product Bio- synthesis and Discovery • Cell Adhesion

Farha, Gianneschi, Kelleher, Mrksich, Nguyen, Scheidt, Silverman, Stupp, Thomson 

Biophysical Chemistry

Electronic, magnetic, and structural properties of metalloenzymes using advanced electron spin resonance (EPR) and X-ray absorption/scattering techniques • Electronic structure and dynamics of photosynthetic proteins during energy and electron transfer • Utilizing quantum coherent effects in biohybrid materials • Lipid bilayer-nanoparticle interactions • protein folding

Chen, Geiger, Gingrich, Hoffman, Odom, Tempelaar, Wasielewski 

Theory & Computation

Fundamental treatment of coherence processes • Highly accurate wave function methods • Time-dependent dynamical studies • Control of chemical reactions • Structure and function of biological membranes

Gingrich, Olvera de la Cruz, Schatz, Seideman, Tempelaar

Total Synthesis & Method Development

Natural Product Synthesis • Alkaloids • Polyketides • Polycyclic Molecules • Organocatalysis • Asymmetric Catalysis • Organometallic Chemistry • Polymers • New Reaction Discovery and Development

Dichtel, Kalow, Marks, Nguyen, Scheidt, Thomson