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Dear Alumni!

The Chemistry Department is excited to announce the recent hires of MacArthur Fellow William R. Dichtel and a junior faculty member, Julia Kalow.  Dichtel is an organic chemist known for his work on covalent organic frameworks (COFs) and Kalow works on self-assembly of polymers to organized nanomaterials.   Both will join the university this summer. We anticipate that these new additions will help enrich our scientific community, strengthen organic chemistry, and further our excellence in research and teaching.

Also, as part of an effort to increase retention and improve pedagogy in the General Chemistry sequence, Professor Eric Weitz agreed to take the newly created position of Coordinator for General Chemistry.  Eric is organizing an effort to look more deeply into our approach to teaching general chemistry and the methodology of chemistry instruction. He plans to implement enhancements to the curriculum that we hope will lead to an improved experience for our General Chemistry students.

In connection with graduate student recruitment activities a delegation of six chemistry faculty visited several high profile universities overseas this past fall, including Peking University in Beijing and Seoul National University in Korea.

Last August we held an inaugural meeting of the Department of Chemistry Alumni Advisory Board during which we had many fruitful discussions on how to better engage our alumni. We decided to create LinkedIn pages for current and past members of faculty research groups to better track our alumni and communicate departmental activities as well as promote networking among our alumni and current students.

In other news...

We hope you will stay connected to the Department of Chemistry and share your news and accomplishments with us. Have a wonderful holiday season!

Best regards,


Peter Stair, Chair

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