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Northwestern University Department of Chemistry: Safety Mission and Policy

The Department of Chemistry at Northwestern University is committed to a healthy and safe environment by employing compliant and effective safety practices and following the university safety policy. All members of the department are to be aware of and practice all safety procedures set forth by the Department of Chemistry and the Office for Research Safety under the Office of the Vice President for Research.

There will be a Faculty Safety Committee consisting of at least 4 faculty members assigned by the Chair and a Safety Officer organization with a Safety Officer for each laboratory group. The Director of Operations will chair both safety groups.

The Faculty Safety Committee will have responsibility for the following:

The Department Safety Officers will:

The Department of Chemistry requires that all best practices be followed in its research and undergraduate laboratories and that a safety culture be promoted and maintained.

The PI has the responsibility to be compliant with the university safety plan, which ensures the safety of his or her students and lab. Northwestern University Safety policy is set forth by the Office for Research Safety which can be found here.

Chemistry Department rules are subject to change based on University Policy with accord of the Chair.

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Emergency Response Plans


Know your address to help direct emergency response professionals:

  • Catalysis Center, 2137 Tech Drive
  • Cook Hall, 2220 Campus Drive
  • Hogan Building, 2205 Tech Drive
  • Mudd Science & Engineering Library, 2233 Tech Drive
  • Pancoe –Life Sciences Pavilion, 2200 Campus Drive
  • Ryan “Nano” Hall, 2190 Campus Drive
  • Silverman Hall, 2170 Campus Drive
  • Technological Institute (“Tech”), 2145 Sheridan Road


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