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For Business Office Financial and Accounting Assistant contact information.

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Business Office Contact: Aaron Jones and respective Accounting Assistants Greg Krause or Olga Shvarts for selected research group.

Graduate students, Post-Docs, faculty, and staff will be given access to iBuyNU, Northwestern's online shopping catalog, should they need to purchase items for research or academic use. Please see the access form below.

All purchases are officially made by the Business Office staff. Students, staff, faculty, and post-docs can only request a purchase through iBuyNU or the Chemistry Online Purchase System and are not authorized to order directly from the company.


Business Office Contacts for Graduate Students, Visiting Scholars, Post Docs, and Staff: Ann Wheatley and Aaron Jones

Business Office Contact for Temporary Employees and Work Study: Lynn Mandenberg

Expense Reports

Business Office Contacts: Lynn Mandenberg

Employees of the university, i.e. anyone who is paid regularly by the university, are able to enter their own expense reports for reimbursement using the NUFinancials System. Please see the Business Office contacts above to get access to the NUFinancials System and for further details on how to enter expense reports.

All receipts must be original and they must be itemized in order to be reimbursed. You should process your reimbursement within 30 days of travel, but definitely before 90 days have passed since your date of return. If you are missing proper receipts, processing a reimbursement more than 90 days from your last date of travel, or have any other policy  exception, please fill out the appropriate form below explaining the reason why. Include this form in your expense report.

Travel and Entertainment Policies

 Business Office Contacts: Ann Wheatley and Aaron Jones

Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration Systems Express Access Form

For iBuy shopper access and Expense Entry access:

Completing the form: Please print the Finance, Facilities, and Research Administration Systems Express Access Form.  Complete the following sections on page one.

  • Applicant Information Section (Top of Page 1) – Date, NetID, Name, EMPLID (I.D.# on WildCARD), Title, NU Email, Department, Work Phone 
  • NUFinancials – Data Entry and Inquiry Section (Page 1) – Check the box for Expense Entry and iBuyNU shopper
  • Required Signatures (Bottom of Page 1) – Sign and date on the applicant signature line.
  • Page 2 is not required for this access.

PI signature is not required on this form. Once the form has been completed, return it to Aaron Jones in the Business Office. The form should be placed in Aaron’s inbox outside of K136 (inside the Business Office suite). Aaron will sign as the Department Head and forward the completed form to WCAS Administration and Financial Operations IT for processing. Once access has been granted, you will receive an email from with a summary of your access to the system. At that point, you are free to login to the NU Portal following the instructions for Logging into iBuy and change password provided under Purchasing.

For other access requests:

If you are trying to gain access other than expense entry and iBuyNU shopper, please follow the job aid link below for further instruction or contact Aaron Jones for further information

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