Elad Harel Assistant Professor

Research Statement

We are interested in understanding the connection between electronic structure and dynamics in complex, condensed-phase biomolecules. The three major areas of focus are on the use of light to control biological function, elucidating the role of the environment (e.g. solvent) on the function of proteins, and designing artificial systems that utilize coherent as well as incoherent processes to efficiently harvest and transport energy. We are developing advanced optical spectroscopic and imaging tools that in large part build on ideas from magnetic resonance. In particular, we are implementing novel correlation methods that can provide high-resolution maps of electronic structure at all relevant energy and temporal scales. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and crosses boundaries into biology, materials chemistry, mathematics, and engineering.

Selected Publications

1. E. Harel, P. D. Long, G. S. Engel, Single-shot ultrabroadband two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy of the light-harvesting complex LH2. Opt Lett 36, 1665 (May 1, 2011).

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