Charles D. Hurd Lectures


History of Lectureship:

Charles D. HurdThe Charles D. Hurd Lectures were established to educate Northwestern students and faculty about industrial research via direct interaction with distinguished scientists. It is fitting that the lectureship be named in honor of the late Charles D. Hurd, Clare Hamilton Hall Research Professor Emeritus. From his initial appointment to Northwestern in 1924, Professor Hurd maintained close ties with industry. He served as a consultant to various companies over a period of four decades, received twelve patents, and utilized grants from industry to help establish research in organic chemistry at Northwestern.

Professor Hurd authored roughly 300 scientific publications, including the seminal monograph "Pyrolysis of Carbon Compounds." In addition, he was a founding editor of the Journal of Organic Chemistry, served as a consultant on all chemical terms in the unabridged Webster's Third New International Dictionary, and contributed to various encyclopedias. His passion for correct nomenclature and the precise use of language was recognized by the 1971 Austin M. Patterson Award. Furthermore, the books, Organic Nomenclature: A Programmed Introduction by J. G. Traynham, Organic Chemistry by Smith and Cristol, and The Chemist's English by R. Schoenfeld, were dedicated to Charles D. Hurd.



2013 John Santini President and CEO RadioRx, Inc.
2012 David L. Stern Refining and Supply ExxonMobil
2011 William F. Banholzer Chief Technology Officer Dow Chemical Company
2010 Michael T. Flavin Founder, Chairman and CEO Advanced Life Sciences
2009 Jai Nagarkatti President and CEO Sigma-Aldrich Corporation
2008 Katie Hunt Corporate Sustainability Director Rohm and Haas Company
Cathie Markham VP, CTO, Electronic Materials
Cheryl Martin Corporate Vice President
2007 Stephanie Burns Chief Executive Officer Dow Corning Corporation
Gregory Zank Chief Technology Officer
2006 Michael J. Natan President Oxonica, Inc.
2005 Miles P. Drake Vice President and Chief Technology Officer Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
2004 Steven J. Martin Chief Scientist Dow Chemical Company
2003 Andrew J. Ouderkirk Corporate Scientist 3M Company
2002 David M. Pond Vice President, Chemicals Technology Eastman Chemical Company
2001 Paul S. Anderson Senior Vice President, Chemical & Physical Sciences, Research & Development DuPont Pharmaceuticals Company
2000 Cherry A. Murray Director, Physical Research Laboratory Bell Laboratories, Lucent Technologies
1999 Peter T. Kissinger President, CEO, and Chairman, Bioanalytical Systems, Inc. Professor of Chemistry, Purdue University
1998 James M. Meyer Vice President, Central Research & Development E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
1997 George T. Kwiatkowski Manager of Research and Development Amoco Chemical Company
1996 Anthony B. Baylis Vice President, Technology & Business Development Hoechst Celanese Corp.
1995 Angelo Lamola Director of Corporate Exploratory Research Rohm & Haas
1994 David V. Milligan Vice President, Pharmaceutical Products Research and Development Abbott Laboratories
1993 Thomas Manuel General Manager, Corporate Science and Technology Center Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.
1992 Donald R. Weyenberg Senior Vice President and Chief Scientist Dow Corning Corporation
1991 Robert M. Novak Chief Scientist and Director of Central Research Dow Chemical Company
1990 James A. Cusumano Chairman Catalytica, Incorporated
1988 Jack C. Chang Director, Corporate Research Laboratories Eastman Kodak Company
1987 Thomas J. Savereide Executive Director, Corporate Research 3M Company
1986 George S. Hammond Executive Director, Biosciences, Metals & Ceramics Allied Corporation
1985 Ralph F. Hirschmann Senior Vice President, Basic Research Merck & Company, Incorporated
1984 Robert E. Naylor Vice President, Corporate Director of Research Rohm & Haas Company
1983 Donald J. Peterson Director, Corporate Technology Division The Procter and Gamble Company
1982 Robert K. Grasselli Senior Scientist The Standard Oil Company Research Center
1981 Keith McHenry Vice President of Research and Development Amoco Oil Company
1980 Alan Schriesheim General Manager of Engineering Technology Exxon Research and Engineering Company
1979 James F. Roth Director of Process Sciences Corporate Research Laboratories, Monsanto Co.
1978 Ulrich Merten Vice President, Corporate Research and Chemicals Gulf Research and Development Company
1977 Howard L. Gerhart Director, National Coatings Center Carnegie-Mellon Institute of Research
1976 Turner Alfrey, Jr. Research Scientist, Central Research Dow Chemical U.S.A.
1975 William P. Slichter Executive Director of Research for the Materials Science and Engineering Division Bell Laboratories
1974 Vladimir Haensel Vice President, Science and Technology Universal Oil Company
1973 William A. Franta Director, Research & Development Division, Plastics Department E.I. du Pont de Nemours & Company
1972 Byron Riegel Director of Research G.D. Searle & Company
1971 Wesley T. Hanson Director of Research Eastman Kodak Company


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